About Us


Love Fellowship Church (LFC)


Come Experience the Difference Love Can Make.


Love Fellowship Church believes the Bible is the inherent and infallible Word of God and the final authority on life.

Love Fellowship Church is a Ministry of faith, integrity, and excellence.

Love Fellowship Church believes applying the biblical principles of love, faith, and holiness are vital keys to the success and prosperity of every believer.

Vision & Mission


Love Fellowship Church is a multi-cultural ministry with a Kingdom assignment to teach people in the metro Charlotte area and around the world the uncompromising Word of God and empower them to maximize their time on the earth by fulfilling their God given purpose and destiny.


Love Fellowship Church will:

Unify the Body of Christ by creating a worship experience where people of all cultures and backgrounds can assemble together and worship God in spriit and truth.

Empower believers by ministering to the spiritual, intellectual, and physical needs of married couples, singles, and youth so each member of the Body of Christ can fulfill their God given purpose adn destiny on the earth.

Love those in need of a Savior, a helping hand, or a friend.